Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Episode 53 - Steve Coronel


Only one person can say he is responsible for introducing Paul Stanley to Gene Simmons. This week, we hear his side of the story.

Steve Coronel met Gene Simmons (then known as Gene Klein) on the first day of 7th grade at Joseph Pulitzer Middle School in 1963.In this episode you'll hear how a near fisticuffs began a musical and personal friendship that has lasted for well over four decades. Steve shares a treasure trove of early childhood stories about Simmons that are sure to entertain yet, also, surprise you. From their early bonding over popular music of the era to the inevitable stories of chasing after the opposite sex to the unveiling of the now-world-famous tongue, Coronel shares a candid side of our favorite Demon that is an inside look at the human being that predates the fame, fortune, and marketing ventures.

In this in-depth discussion Coronel reflects on the initial tense meeting between Simmons and Stanley and their unique chemistry that would later rule the concert world. You'll also hear his memories of the writing process for future KISS songs 'She' and 'Goin' Blind' along with his not-so-pleasant memories of the dressed-up studio version of the former as it was recorded by Wicked Lester at Electric Lady Studios.

Also included in this candid discussion is Coronel's take on the circumstances that led to his ouster from Wicked Lester and how it was possibly due in part to a somewhat heated conversation that he had with then-Stanley Eisen about his views on self-worth at the time and how it possibly fueled his future KISS character of the Starchild.

Coronel also delves into his memories of often-not-discussed Wicked Lester band mates Brooke Ostrander and Tony Zarrella and looks back on a grueling showcase for Epic Records.

Included in this in-depth discussion is a clip of a song entitled Frame Up that was recorded by Coronel's post-Wicked Lester band, Lover.

To keep up with all things Steve Coronel, connect to him via his facebook page. We thank Steve for coming on the Decibel Geek podcast and sharing some wonderful stories. We hope you enjoy listening this conversation as much as we did conducting it.

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Anonymous said...

Ring Ding Do was not Gene, it was a singer from the 60's named Jumping Gene Simmons - different guy with the same name.

RJhog (Classic Rock Bottom) said...

As a long time Kiss fan, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. The two songs that he co-wrote with Gene Simmons are two classic Kiss tunes and really two of my favorites. The riffs on both are amazing. I'll give the slight edge on the two to Goin' Blind. Both songs feature great vocal harmonies by Gene and Paul. The last two Kiss albums (Sonic Boom and Monster) certainly haven't had a single song of the quality of those two. Maybe instead of the "we write everything within the band" motto, Gene should co-write with Steve (although Wall Of Sound is very respectable).

Hearing all of Steve's anecdotes regarding his and Gene's youth was terrific. I love stuff like that. It makes even Gene a person you could really like. He really doesn't even sound that bitter (at least now) about getting dumped. Luckily, his dad moved him back East or we would have never had this once great band.

Great episode guys, sorry I've been missing from action lately. I am now gonna try to do some catching up.

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